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Vehicle Registration

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Vehicle Registration / Plates

Vehicles that are 25 years old or more can be registered as an antique. This registration allows you to use your antique in exhibitions, travel to and from events and drive it to and from the service station for maintenance.

Motor vehicles that are used for any purpose other than personal use, including pleasure and to and from work, require a commercial license plate. There are many different types of commercial plates that are based on the use of vehicle, the passenger capacity of the vehicle, the territory of use of the vehicle, and the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the vehicle. Our staff will be more than happy to help you identify the commercial class of license plate that you’ll require. You will need to provide us with the estimated GVW of your vehicle. The GVW includes the curb weight (vehicle when empty) plus cargo, fuel, passengers, and the trailer tongue weight. Important Notes for All Commercial Vehicles with a GVW Over 11,793 KG or Passenger Capacity of 11 or More Including the Driver You will be required to obtain a Safety Fitness Certificate and a Commercial Vehicle Inspection if the vehicle is over 11,793 kg or has a passenger capacity of 11 or more including the driver. Safety Fitness Certificate Please visit on instructions and application on how to obtain a safety fitness certificate. Commercial Vehicle Inspection The completion of a Commercial Vehicle Inspection is required to obtain the Safety Fitness Certificate and must be completed by an approved inspection facility. To locate an approved facility near you please call us. Approved facilities will stock all necessary forms and will notify Alberta Transportation directly when your vehicle inspection has been completed.

To obtain a Disabled Placard you must have the appropriate forms signed by your doctor. Forms can be obtained from our office or your doctor’s office. Any person that presents an approved application from a physician stating that he or she is entitled to disabled parking privileges would be eligible.

When you register a used vehicle or trailer you will need to register it in your name. When you register it you’ll need the following documents:

  • A person under 18 years old must have a parent with them to register a vehicle
  • Acceptable proof of Identification is required such as a driver’s license
  • If the owner is not registering the vehicle the person acting on their behalf must have a letter of authorization and provide acceptable identification
  • Proof of Ownership such as a lease agreement or bill of sale
  • Proof of valid Alberta Insurance (your pink card) is required for vehicles, but not for trailers
  • Vehicles that are being registered jointly need to have all parties named on the Bill of Sale and all parties are required to be present to register the vehicle or trailer. If any parties are absent they must sign a letter of authorization that gives their consent to be included on the registration

When you register a new vehicle that has never been registered before, you’ll be asked for the following documentation: New original Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS). The auto dealership will provide you with the NVIS when you buy the vehicle. You must bring in the original NVIS and we will retain it

If you’re importing a vehicle from outside of Alberta or another country a request for inspection may be required.

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Renewal notices are no longer mailed out. Click here to sign-up for electronic reminders. When renewing your registration you’ll be asked for the following:

  • Current Registration Documents or ID
  • Proof of valid Alberta insurance (your pink card)

Once a vehicle has been written-off (known as salvage by an insurance company) you must have the vehicle inspected by an authorized mechanic before it can be registered.

A Vehicle Information Report (VIR) provides information on the vehicle’s registration history in the province of Alberta. The report is produced using the vehicle identification number (VIN). Every vehicle is assigned its own unique VIN number by the manufacturer or the Insurance Bureau of Canada. Vehicle information reports include the following:

  • Lien information – provides the number of liens and other related instruments which are registered in the province of Alberta and associated with the serial number. Detailed information, such as the secured party and the party to whom the money is owed can be determined by purchasing a separate Personal Property lien search
  • The date and time of the report
  • The VIR ONLY shows information from the Alberta Motor Vehicle System. It does not include any information from other provinces or countries where the vehicle may have been registered
  • Vehicle description – year, make, model, style, color, fuel type, odometer reading ( if available
  • Vehicle registration – date vehicle first entered on system, license plate classification, registration history date and location (no personal information for any current or previous owner is shown, including license plate numbers)
  • Vehicle status – active, salvage, non-repairable, unsafe, rebuilt