The Astro Dogs

We pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere of our office, we are proud of our staff and their dedication to serving our clients. A standout feature of the office atmosphere are the famous Astro Dogs, these four beautiful poodles make any visit to the Astro office a memorable one.

Astro Dogs
gemma astro dog


Gemma is the eldest of the four Astro Dogs and also the only female. She is a standard poodle from Saskatoon and has the same mom as Stash. Gemma wears a pink collar and would do anything for a treat!

stash astro dog


Stash is a standard poodle from Saskatoon and you will find him following Gemma around everywhere. Stash loves to be outside, running and chasing gophers into their holes. He also likes to collect stuffed animal toys, especially the light pink ones.

cooper astro dog


Cooper is the largest of the four poodles, in fact, he has been called a ‘horse’ on occasion. He is a standard poodle from Alberta and he loves to play fetch – anytime, anyplace. Even if you show no interest in playing he may just bring a ball to you anyway and keep nudging you until you give in!

cadbury astro dog


Cadbury may be the runt of the family, but this doesn’t stop him from bossing the other dogs around. He is a toy poodle from Germany. His international credentials don’t end there, as he has lived in four different countries; Germany, Poland, USA, and now living in Canada.