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Commercial Insurance Overview

Astro Insurance offers a wide range of commercial insurance products for multiple sectors. We have solutions for every business, whether your business is big or small, single or has multiple locations.

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Commercial Coverage for Any Situation

In today’s volatile business economy your business operation needs to be protected against interruptions of an insurable loss.  Business interruption coverage offsets lost income while your business is shut down, in addition to extra expenses incurred while reestablishing your business. This insurance is often overlooked and in many cases desperately needed.

Cargo insurance covers physical damage to, or loss of your goods while in transit by land, sea and air. When shipping your products to your customers it’s wise to have insurance unless you are able to have you buyer take responsibility for the product once it leaves your place of business.

All business operations or activities require liability insurance. This coverage indemnifies the insured for sums he may be required by law to pay to third parties as damages for bodily injury or damage to property.

When your company owns or leases a property related to your business operations chances are you’ll require commercial property insurance to cover buildings, computers, equipment and office furniture to name a few.  Commercial Property insurance may include a number of extensions that cover everyday business operations such as coverage for trade shows, installation floaters and property in transit etc.

Crime Insurance Coverage can include:

  • Depositors Forgery
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Loss inside the Premises
  • Loss outside the Premises
  • Money Orders & Counterfeit Paper

Legal Expense Insurance is a unique product that helps individuals and business owners defend or pursue legal action if they have a dispute with another party. With the Legal Expense Insurance coverages provided by DAS Canada, policyholders have access to legal advice and guidance, plus the security of knowing the costs of pursuing legal action will be covered.

As a member of a board of directors there is always the possibility of being associated with “wrongful acts,” which may include actual or alleged errors, omissions, misleading statements, and neglect or breach of duty on the part of the board of directors. Whether your company is non-profit, private or publicly traded, the directors and officers may be held personally liable for both damages and defense attorney costs. Claims may arise from – competitors, creditors, employees, government agencies, and/or shareholders and the cost of defending these claims can be astronomical.

Equipment Breakdown or Boiler insurance protects an organization against any losses resulting from a breakdown of:

  • Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Boilers
  • Electrical Apparatus
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Heating
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Production Machinery
  • Refrigeration

The Hole in One insurance policy covers the prize value of the promotion. You simply pay the premium based upon a percentage formula and then hope someone wins!

Anyone who advises, recommends, consults or designs solutions should consider Professional Liability/ E & O insurance coverage. This coverage protects professionals against liability for damages and cost of defense based upon his/her alleged or real professional errors and omissions or mistakes. E.g., architects, attorneys, engineers and medical malpractice,. If your firm is involved in creating, designing and providing technology and/or software or your company is involved in acquisitions and mergers, you have a particularly high risk of litigation.

Tool/ Equipment Floaters covers property which leaves the insured premises and is no longer covered by your standard insurance.

Umbrella policies provide an additional layer of security to those who are at risk for being sued for damages to other people’s property or injuries caused to others in an accident. It also protects against libel, vandalism, slander and invasion of privacy. An umbrella insurance policy is very helpful if you are sued and the dollar limit of your original policy has been exhausted. The added coverage provided by liability insurance is most useful to individuals or businesses with a lot of assets or very expensive assets and who are at significant risk for being sued.