Lethbridge Legal Expense Insurance

Legal expense insurance reduces the stress and uncertainty and provides an affordable way for Canadian consumers and business owners to access the justice system.

Thanks to our partner’s at DAS and their unique legal expense insurance coverage options, you can exercise your legal rights knowing that you will be guided every step of the way, and that your legal expenses will be covered. Did you know that in Canada even a successful party in court may be required to pay a portion of the legal expenses incurred? For example, a judge may order an unsuccessful party to pay a percentage of the actual legal fees leaving the successful party to meet the shortfall.

With legal expense insurance, those and other expenses related to pursuing your legal rights are covered. It’s more than a policy; it’s empowerment, knowing that you have full access to professional legal counsel and expense coverage when and if you need it.

Products & Services

We offer a suite of different DAS coverages to meet the unique needs of consumers and business owners. With DAS Legal Expense Insurance policies, you can rest assured knowing that you are one phone call away from professional legal counsel and representation. We believe all Canadians should have access to affordable justice. We invite you to review the available product options and contact us to discuss which DAS policy is right for you.


designed to support you when legal conflicts arise from the use or ownership of an automobile; Find out more.


providing legal advice, assistance and cost coverage for individuals and families facing many of society’s common legal problems;


a combination of our DASliving & DASdrive products designed to offer policyholders full coverage in auto and personal


coverage that meets the needs and demands of any group, association, club or employer wishing to provide their members and employees with the benefits of LEI


designed to protect businesses against the cost of potential business legal disputes;