Astro Mission

Since 1972, Astro Insurance has been blessed with an opportunity to serve the good people of Lethbridge and its surrounding areas.

Astro Insurance opened its doors for business in 1972 under the ownership of Ben Reimer and in 1993 added the Registry Service.

In 1999 Mark & Cindy Swartout purchased Astro Insurance & Registry and have maintained the warm friendly service that Astro Insurance clients have come to know and appreciate.

Our Mission Statement:

We exist to provide peace of mind in times of trouble for our loyal clients. By imparting our vast knowledge about transfer of risk, both before and after a claim, we provide our clients with the most suitable coverage to ensure they maintain their net worth in the event of a loss. Looking after our clients is exhilarating! By being committed to the individual needs of our clients and to quality service, we at Astro take pride in ensuring the financial protection of our clients and their businesses.

Our Vision and Values

At Astro our goal is to be above reproach in every aspect of our business. In the following areas our aim is to continue to set our standards very high and to do our upmost to attain these:

Our People: To ensure our place of work inspires people to contribute their best efforts.
Our Portfolio: To Bring to our clients a portfolio of quality Insurance that fits their budget and needs.
Our Partners: To nurture a winning environment that benefits both our customers and suppliers.
Our World: To be environmentally responsible and to contribute to those in need.
Our Profit: To increase returns ensuring job security for our employees and security for our clients.
Our Productivity: Be a highly effective, cutting edge company that is dedicated to our clients and our community.

We embrace the belief – If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing to the best of our ability.

Customer Service Pledge

Our Pledge to You

As a member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta, Astro Insurance 1000 Inc. commits whole heartedly to the Customer Service Pledge to each and every client we serve:

  • We pledge – to always place your interests ahead of our own.
  • We pledge – to always recommend the best insurance product for your individual circumstances.
  • We pledge – to recommend the insurer that provides the best coverage for your unique needs.
  • We pledge – to share performance agreement information with you.
  • We pledge – to immediately inform you of a potential conflict of interest.
  • We pledge – to safeguard your personal information.

Should you ever feel that Astro Insurance 1000 Inc. did not live up to its pledge or that your experience with our company was unsatisfactory, we most certainly want to hear about it.