Challenging Choices – We are here to help.

We are here to help.

I remember as a young boy eagerly looking forward to my birthday. The excitement of waking up and getting to open gifts, the anticipation of my friends and family coming round to celebrate with me and also the hope that I would receive a birthday card that might have a crisp $5 note inside, and with it the opportunity to go shopping and getting to choose what to buy.

There is something thoroughly enjoyable about making the decision of what to buy when it is something we want, something we are excited about and something we will get to enjoy. Unfortunately, buying insurance just doesn’t have that same level of anticipation and excitement attached to it! Most of us dread having to ‘shop around’ and find the best deals and the most suitable coverage. This often leads us to merely renewing our policies blindly rather than looking to see if we can find more adequate coverage or the same coverage at a better price. This is probably because insurance is a necessity and not something we ‘get’ to buy, but rather something we need to buy. No one would deny the importance of having insurance, it is something that protects our assets and our family’s futures, and this is what makes the decision of buying insurance so difficult for us.

This is where your insurance broker can help you to take the stress out of your insurance purchase. Insurance brokers, like us here at Astro, are independent of the insurance companies. This gives us the freedom to go shopping for you, as we have access to all of our insurance partners and therefore, a wide selection of insurance policies. This means we can ensure that you receive the best insurance coverage at the best possible price. Shopping directly with an insurer doesn’t allow for this, they only have access to the one market and this removes the choice from you, the client.

As well as helping you shop for the best insurance, your insurance broker is also one of your key advisors, along with your accountant, lawyer and banker. Your insurance broker is licensed and is required to meet ongoing educational requirements to maintain that license, assuring you of expert, unbiased advice. Whether it’s finding the best coverage at the best price or negotiating your next claim, we at Astro are here to help you protect your family, your possessions, and your business. So come on in and let us take the stress out of your insurance shopping, and we will give you more time to do the things you do enjoy!

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